Starting a Food Truck is easy, but having a successful food truck is the goal.

I’ve run a mobile food truck business for almost 6 years now, and that’s considered a veteran in this industry. The food truck business is appealing due to it’s low start up costs, but it does have it’s own challenges.

In my experience, the two biggest reasons for food truck failure is due to lack of planning and costs.

Unlike a restaurant with a fixed location to drive traffic, you need to consistently find the business. Planning your schedule and staying busy consistently is vital to your success. Determining a solid marketing business plan and sticking to it will help this hurdle.

Remember, it’s not about what you make but what you keep! You can make money two ways;

1) Increase Sales 2) Reduce Costs. Cost efficient menu offering and low operating costs are vital.

In addition, managing all costs (food, waste, labor, fees, maintenance) effectively will keep your food truck out of a crunch.

Learn from my experience and good luck food truckers!

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